How it works

How it works Aside from our buying trips when we take you to China so you can see and deal with manufacturers directly, we have two basic options Option #1 Tell us what product you are looking for and we will source it for you. Not only do we source the product, our people in China will personally visit the factory, check out their production and we will ensure that the quality of the product sourced meets all your requirements at a competitive price We will then put you in direct contact with the factory/supplier, ensure that you have everything in place for shipping etc and then you deal directly with the factory or supplier. You pay us a one-off fee (agreed in advance) Option #2 Most people prefer this option since there is no fee involved Similar to option #1 but we will deal with the factory on your behalf and place all orders for you We will monitor your quality control and ensure that you get exactly what you have ordered – every time you place an order ! Instead of you paying us a fee, we will add a small commission to cover our costs


Steve is buying a product (locally) for $5.00 and knows he can get a similar product from China but does not have the time or resources to source it himself. He engages our services and we source the same product for say $2.00 If he chooses option #1, then he will pay us a fee for sourcing the product, ensuring it meets all his criteria and he will then place orders himself direct with the supplier and will pay $2.00 for the product If he chose option #2 then we would take care of all his orders, deal with the factory on his behalf and he may pay $2.10 for the same product (depending on quantity) He may feel that the extra 10c he pays for the product is well worth it, considering the fact that we take care of all his orders (including shipping, customs clearance etc) Our guarantee ensures that he gets what he has ordered – every time - and any potential ‘risks’ are eliminated