Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of products can you help me source?
Just about ANYTHING! if you can even THINK of a product, the chances are that we can find it for you. You are limited only by your imagination.
2. What are the minimum order quantities?
Different manufacturers and suppliers have different MOQ’s (minimum order quantity) depending on size, shape, weight and value. We have found (for most people) that if you would normally order $10,000 or more from your usual supplier, then you will make huge savings by ordering from China.
3. How do I pay for my goods?

The first thing that we would do is to arrange for you to obtain a sample of the goods that you are interested in purchasing. Once you place an order with the supplier/ manufacturer, then most ask for 30% as a deposit.The remaining 70% is payable when the goods are shipped and a Telex Release is made (what is a Telex Release)

4. How do I get my order delivered from China?

We have our ‘very own’ shipping agent that we have used for many years and highly recommend. They will take care of everything from when your goods leave the factory to when they arrive on your doorstep.

5. How long does it take to have my order made?
Again, this depends on the type of product you are buying. As a general rule-of-thumb, you should allow between 4 and 8 weeks for production.

6. How long does the shipment take to arrive?
There are essentially 4 types of shipping methods.

6a. Air Freight. This can be expensive since the cost is generally calculated by weight and size of the  products. If you need goods in a hurry then you may have to look at this option, but we would only recommend it for shipping samples.

6b. Courier (eg Fed-Ex, DHL etc). For small orders this is a quick and effective way to receive your goods, with orders taking as little as 3 days to arrive in some instances. Generally much cheaper than ‘normal’ air-freight.6c. Sea Freight 20ft or 40ft container. This is probably the most cost-effective way of shipping your goods from China but you should allow about 4 weeks from the time the goods leave the factory.
6d. LCL Sea Freight. This is often used when you don’t have enough goods to FILL a container, so you essentially share a container with other importers. Allow an extra week or so since the container has to be emptied by the consolidator before your goods are available for pick up or delivery.
7. If I purchased a new product, how would I market it?

Again, we have our ‘very own’ marketing people that we use and highly recommend so we would strongly suggest that you speak to them first about your marketing requirements.

8. How do I ensure the quality of my product?
We have a team of people in China that will help us ensure that the quality of your product is as good as you expect. You can request a copy of our free report from the buychina.com.au home page.

9. I have heard ‘negative stories’ about products made in China, are these really true?

Sometimes the so-called ‘Horror Stories’ have a certain amount of truth in them. However, even when you are dealing with Chinese suppliers, there is still a certain amount of the old saying You get what you pay for. Many people are driven by one thing only – PRICE – and this is sometimes where the potential ‘danger’ lies. For example, let us imagine that you are currently buying a product for say, $5.00. You now have the opportunity to buy that same product from 2 x factories in China. One factory will charge you $1 and the other factory $2 for what appear to be identical products. Go for the $1 product and chances are that the quality is not as good as the $2 product, yet buying the $2 product will still save you 60% on your current costs and the quality is likely to be as good.

10. Why shouldn’t I simply use a buying agent?

It is true that there are many buying agents that are more than willing to assist you. However, in most cases they will charge a ‘double commission’. They will be paid by the factory or supplier and they will also charge you a commission on everything you buy. You could end up paying $10.00 for a product that you could buy direct from the factory for $4.00
11. Will I need a license to import goods?
Generally speaking the answer is NO ! However, depending on the product you are looking to buy, there may be some licensing issues. We will check with our shipping agent on your behalf once you tell us which type of products you are interested in.

12.  What if I want to get a product specially made?
This is an easy one to answer NO PROBLEM! One customer was buying a particular product from local suppliers and from an Eastern States-based supplier at a cost of $46.00. We sent samples to one of our China suppliers and they manufactured them for him. He now pays $15.00 and that’s landed in Perth!
13.  By doing this, am I not essentially taking jobs from Australian workers?

Our commitment to our customers’ is to help them become more competitive in the market place. Australia is generally not big on manufacturing and labour costs are expensive compared to some other countries. It is a fact that many ‘big businesses’ are moving their own labour-intensive operations to countries where costs are cheaper than at home. This helps them to stay competitive in the market place, just as you want to be!

14. How will your service help me to achieve my goals?
By simply letting you benefit from our own experience. We are importers ourselves (from China) and have been for many years. We have made all the ‘mistakes’ early on and have learnt by them. We ensure that you won’t make the same ‘mistakes’ that we did.

15. I have thought about importing from China for a while but never actually got round to doing anything about it, how much does it cost to use your services?
It depends on what services you require. Our basic service involves sourcing products for you from China suppliers and manufacturers and then checking those suppliers and manufacturers out in person.

The more advanced service involves actually TAKING you to China. That’s right ! We don’t just send you we take you ! E-mail us with your requirements and we will quote you for a tailor-made service.

16. What makes buychina.com.au different from other, similar companies?
There are other companies in Australia offering similar services to ours. However, where we differ from most are in the following areas.

16a. We currently import goods from China ourselves from various sources.
16b. Our experience in dealing with Chinese people over several years.
16c. We know how to negotiate with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers.
16d. We do NOT simply tell you to board a plane and have someone meet you at the other end      WE TAKE YOU OURSELVES!
16e. For want of a better word.’we hold your hand all the way’!

17. What is the meaning of the word ‘Drop-shipping’?

This is probably the MOST frequently asked question ! Drop-shipping has many benefits that are mainly yours, as the purchaser. To give you an example You want to buy a product that costs say, $250.00 and the factory has an MOQ (minimum order quantity) of 1000. After doing research, you know that you can sell that product for say, $500.00 thus doubling your investment but you have to buy 1000 pcs ! That means you have to come up with $250,000 and what happens if you only sell 800 pcs?

Not only do you have to ORDER 1000 pcs, you have to wait until they arrive before you can send them out to your customers. 4-5 weeks on a container, then you have to un-pack, re-pack and send out individually.

Where ‘drop-shipping’ comes in is like this you simply e-mail the factory with your customers’ names and addresses and they will send them DIRECT to each customer ! Not only does this save time (between your customer ordering the product and it arriving on their door-step) the shipping fees are often less than bringing in a container. But the BEST BIT BY FAR, is that you don’t have to front-up with $250,000 of your OWN MONEY to buy the 1000 pcs to put in ‘stock’!

18. If I decide I would like to go to China, what do I need to do ?

Contact us with details of the products you are interested in. We will take care of the rest for you and will e-mail you with details of what is required. We will arrange everything from flights, accommodation, visa etc.

19. I have no idea what type of product I want to buy, I just want to look first and decide what type of product I fancy, is this OK?

Of course ! You wouldn’t believe how many people have either come to China with absolutely no idea of what they are looking for until they see it ! Quite often people have an idea of what they want, but when they get there they change their mind totally and look at products that are totally un-related to the product that they said they were originally interested in.

20. Do I need to learn to speak Mandarin?

NO! Our team in China speak very good English and our team in Australia have a basic understanding of Mandarin. However, if you are interested in learning a few words (for example, Hello, How are You, I’m fine thanks, ordering coffee/drinks, what’s your name?, my name is etc etc) then we are more than happy to provide you with the necessary tools to learn it’s actually not as hard as you may think.